As simplicity is a thing we really value, we made the whole process as easy as possible for you. So don’t worry about going to different sites, managing different inquiry forms and checking your mailbox all the time. Everything happens here. 

we only sell tier A second hand cars, meaning the crème de la crème of what’s out there. Most of these cars are still covered under manufacturer’s warranty. However, we offer an additional 2 months/2.000 km warranty and road assistance during this period. 

Step 01: Find your next car in our online inventory

Get a feel of the different cars we have available. You should find something that tickles your fancy. Get all the information on the car you like, ranging from detailed check reports done by seasoned professionals to a true virtual reality experience of the car.

The price mentioned is the exact price you are going to pay for the car. So no haggling with car dealers or other consumer sellers. And trust us, for the price you're paying, you’ll get the best deal. We’re just not charging the overheads you're paying at a dealer + no hidden fees in the sell. 

Step 02: Get financed, insured and topped on

We have partnership with best in class banks and insurers. On our platform you’ll get insights into the different insurances that could suit you as well as the most relevant car loan for your specific case. Allowing to directly choose what’s best for you.

Thanks to our partners you’ll get interesting discounts on third party services such as a maintenance contracts and road assistance.

Step 03: Review the whole package, clear and straightforward

Everything nicely packaged together gives you a good view on the total cost of ownership. You perfectly know what you’re up to in terms of costs. So no unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the road. Full transparency, that’s how we roll!

Step 04: Get behind the steering wheel

Time to get your hands dirty! We bring the car to your doorstep, yeah that’s right! No need to mess up your agenda booking testdrives at dealers. You pay 75 Euro to try out the car, which is far less than the time, money and energy you are otherwise losing getting to different car dealers (we're crunching the numbers now). But wait, if you decide to keep the car, we are offering you the test drive for free!