No dealers needed

CarDayte puts you in the driver's seat

Not in the passenger's seat

We provide you with all the information you'll ever need to make a solid decision. When Dealing with us, no subjective big word salesman mumbo jumbo. Instead you get transparent and objective information, based on facts and figures, to the point and relevant.


Buying a car should be great fun


But it's boring at best

Scanning through old fashioned and boring websites. It's an awful Experience and doesn't turn that frown upside down, Right. CarDayte makes your Next car hunt fun and joyful...As it should Be!

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Buying a car should be super easy


But it's enormously complex

Different car platforms,various banking and insurance sites. And we're not even halfway. Cardayte merges the different steps into one cool platform. Making it easy and straightforward. no unneeded hassle!


Buying a car should be lightning fast


But it's time consuming

Comparing different cars, different Loans, insurance and third party providers. you won't clock out as fast as you would like to. Cardayte puts the super into superfast. You'll be driving your car before you can blink your eyes.


Buying a car should be truly transparent


But it's misty & vague

Different types of costs and expenses at different moments. leading to unpleasant financial surprises. Thanks to cardayte you HAve a view on the total cost of ownership. you'll know exactly what you're up to, everything included.

Early adopters out there, this is for you

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